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Website Design

Your website represents your business in the digital world. Creating a great first impression with your audience must be high on your list of reasons why you want to create a website. An outstanding website design is the first step to gaining more customers and increasing revenue. Your website is a business investment - your looking to gain more revenue from it than you invested in it. Working with WNY Web Development will immensely increase your investment!


Search engine optimization plays an important factor in online success today as much as it did when it first began. SEO enables search engines to find and acquire a clear understanding of your website. Let us reveal to you how having an optimized website can improve site rankings, increase it's visibility and boost it's organic traffic with successful, On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO. WNY Web Development will run a complimentary SEO Analysis to identify issues.

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Server Installation

For your business's website to perform successfully, the web server must be high performance and perform at it's highest level possible. You don't want a slow server because it will turn away customers, which will in the end result in loss of business. Virtual private servers (VPS) are the popular choice for many business's website development needs for this exact reason.

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Our Additional

web development services that maximize your revenue

In the digital world we live in today, your website is the face of your business online. It’s most likely the first interaction consumers will have with your business. I’m sure you would want it to be a good one.

Think about when you visit a website for the first time. Whats your point of view about their website? Does it look credible, trustworthy, professional? Would you do business with them?

Here at WNY Web Development we have the skills, knowledge, experience and expertise to develop a website that will maximize your revenue. We get it! Your website is a business investment and you want the highest Return On Investment possible.

Logo Design

Let us create a logo that is memorable. Designed with the correct colors and shapes that send a signal to your targeted audience that they can relate too. Regardless of your stature, size or needs WNY Web Development is here to assist you in the process of creating your brand.

Social Media

WNY Web Development manages and strategically tells your brand's story through thumb stopping creativity on all media platforms. We project your brand through custom-imagery. photography and video creating your own unique identity unlike everyone else's.

Email Marketing

Let WNY Web Development automate your email campaigns, grow your email list or design your email templates. We keep analytics on open rates and know exactly what it takes to make your emails stand out and generate results. Schedule emails to go out at a specific time.

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