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Acclaimed Business Website Strategy Guide For 2021

How many of you know that having a business website is a great way to showcase your company? Whether you have a small business or running an enterprise, a professional company website could drastically improve the success of your business.

But, can you create a business website by yourself? Every non-technical person has faced this problem. We know that it takes several things to create the best business website, and as a CEO or business owner, it might be challenging to put your efforts or even time into it!

Luckily, this ultimate guide will help you with everything you need to know regarding your business website, its importance for your business, and its benefits.

Unlock the gates of an online marketplace for your company, and let’s get started!

Your Pathway To Creating A Business Website

1. Determine Your Goals

Determine Your GoalsThe first and the essential factor is to determine the goals of your company. Having an online appearance will bring a substantial worldwide audience. So, it will be challenging for you to make your product/service the best because every person has their preferences and taste.

As we said before, your business website represents your company, what it does, why it’s better, and what benefits you offer. These significant attributes are the core points of every website running successfully on Google or any other search engine.

Moreover, your goals with your business website will help you think, imagine, and create a design or discuss it with your developer. Below we have described several types of business websites:

  • E-commerce website (Amazon, Alibaba, Shopify)
  • Blogs (Businessinsider, Forbes)
  • Landing Page (Website that provides services)
  • Social Media Website (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

These are the main types of business websites. Now, you have to decide which one of these you need, and how to really make your business stand out?

2. Finding The Right Domain Name For Your Business Website

choosing the Right Domain Name For Your Business WebsiteHaving a good domain name matters a lot in a website’s ranking. It represents the name of your website’s address. Your second priority should be to have an attractive brand name that wins the customer’s first impression. There are three types of domain patterns that you can use:

  • Exact match domain (EMD)
  • Partial match domain (PMD)
  • Brand domain

Your website ranking depends on what type of domain you have chosen. For example, EMD is mostly used by blogs that are working under a particular niche and category. For example, if someone plans to start a blog on guitars and there is much online competition, he can choose EMD to narrow his niche more such as (bestbassguitars.com) instead of a PMD (bestguitars.com)

PMD and EMD domains are almost similar, the only difference is EMD is more precise!

The brand domain is a custom domain, and it can be anything whether it is related to your business or not. In the brand domain, a person creates a website and establishes it as a brand. The best example of this domain is (facebook.com), (Amazon.com), (Aliexpress.com)

Stuck On Choosing Your Domain Name? Here Are Some Tips For Beginners

  • Your domain name for a business website should not use slang language.
  • Keep it as short and easy to read as possible. Long domain names are not attractive.
  • Use top-level domain (TLD) extensions that are available such as .com, .net, and .org. Find an appropriate one according to your need
  • Never use numbers and hyphens in your domain names such as best2021guitars.com or best-guitars.com. If you do it, how does your domain name maintain a ranking in 2022 if it is all about 2021?
  • Choose a name that conveys or represents the name or something related to your business.

3. Use Only Highly Supportive Hosting That Is Secure


Web hosting that is secureMost people do not care about the hosting network they use. They tend to go for the cheapest web hosting, which isn’t good.

A web hosting company is a server provider for your business website that allows your website to be viewed on the internet. Our WNY Web Development hosting is top of the line web hosting that you can trust. Security, cPanel, Softaculous, top rated drives and our LightSpeed servers are included in your subscription price. No add on charges like other high end web hosting providers.

WNY Web Development will provide you with the best hosting service for your business website. Hundreds of people trust our web hosting because we deliver lightning fast, secure and affordable web hosting. Trusting any other underrated company for your business website might not be a good decision.

You can get any of our secure hosting plans starting from $8.99 to $29.99 according to the scale of your business website.

4. Use A Search Engine Friendly Website Theme

Search Engine Friendly Website ThemeThemes play a crucial role when it comes to website design and website development. There are thousands of free and millions of themes available in paid versions. Paid versions are more reliable because they are fast and responsive. The drawback with free version themes is that you can not have any customer support if any problem comes up.

Keeping the theme of your business website simple, responsive, and SEO and user-friendly is part of the important ranking factors in Google’s eyes.

Most newbie entrepreneurs or small business owners mistake using fancy themes, which slows the website load time. Another good factor is that having a user-friendly theme is easier for you to manage, edit, or make any changes you want. So, you don’t have to hire someone unless you are an entirely non-technical person.

5. Utilize The Best (CMS) Or Hire A Developer?

Content Management SystemThere are two ways that you can create a website for your business.

  1. Hire WNY Web Development at an affordable price and let us develop your business website.
  2. Utilizing a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla which are free and open-source.

CMS is known as a digital application that people use to manage their digital products. They have many variations.

Our point is that using a highly efficient CMS will help you maintain your company website easily without making any compromise.

Which Content Management System Works Best For Beginners?

If you want everything on your website at your fingertips, then nothing is better than WordPress. You may have heard about WordPress before because it is the world’s most popular content management system, which handles millions of websites.

Over 400 million people are using WordPress monthly and running 64 million websites which is an awe-inspiring thing.

The best thing about WordPress is that it is super easy to use and offers plenty of options such as plugins and active support that make a website easier for the first time. Another exciting fact about this CMS is that it is free.

Allowing WNY Web Development to create your site will enable you to learn from us, so that you can handle your business website on your own in the future.

Using WordPress has only one drawback if you don’t know what your doing. It’s security is weak right out of the box. Hackers can hack if the proper security measures aren’t in place or plugins and themes aren’t kept updated.

Are there any other CMS applications?

Yes, there are other CMS software that works efficiently but not more than WordPress. Below we mentioned their names:

Personally I wouldn’t recommend Squarespace or Wix because if you decide to migrate your business website to another hosting provider you can’t. It’s like your paying to rent a website that you built on their platform and it’s not yours. You would have to start over elsewhere.

6. Create Attention Holding Landing Pages

Engaging ContentHaving landing pages that keeps visitors attention and on your website longer is very crucial. The longer users stay, the more interest they have in your content. That sends a signal to Google saying, “there must be something visitors are liking”, and it helps rank your website better.

However, your first goal with your business website is to leave a positive first impression on your customers and organic visitors.

Don’t know how to do that? Stop worrying and read the below points:

  • Use attractive and engaging visualization and fonts.
  • Always use optimized images and videos so that your graphics will load faster and users can see them clearly. If your website speed is slow, Google will penalize you.
  • You can conduct top competitor analysis to see what makes your competitors stand out and how you can out perform them.
  • Also, do in-depth research about your targeted audience and see their behaviors, interests, and how they react to specific content.
  • Keep the internal linking relevant so that they can move to other pages of your site. Linking material that is relevant to that page.
  • Your navigation system should be simple and not a complicated one.
  • Allow them to contact you by email, phone, or chat.
  • Create essential pages of your website such as home page, about us, product/service page, sitemap (for google crawler), terms & conditions, privacy policy, and any disclaimer (if you have any).

7. Optimize Your Business Website For PerformanceOptimizing Your business website

At this stage, you know how to properly create your business website that looks attractive, professional and holds your visitors attention.

Now, it’s time to make it visible in the search engines to achieve a higher ranking and drive large amounts of organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is a best practice that you can do on your website to index it entirely in the search engines. When a website is created, the google crawler starts indexing its pages.

Google does not care about who you are. It only cares about visitors and providing them with the best possible results.

For that purpose, you have to follow several SEO factors that will help you stand out and make a win-win deal with Google. If you are not aware of Search Engine Optimization, we have summarized some to-the-point lines about it below.

The Search Engine Optimization practices include:

  • Keyword research related to your industry, business, and niche
  • Making the website optimal for visitors and customers
  • Improving the website load time
  • Getting SSL certificates that ensure the security of data passed between servers and user browsers.
  • Making website mobile friendly – because not everyone uses a laptop to browse
  • Winning authentic and 5-star reviews from customers to build online reputation
  • Using internal linking strategies and SMM strategies to establish your business online as a brand.

SEO is a significant thing that you can not neglect. However, it is an accessible and cost-efficient method for getting organic leads, traffic, conversions. Otherwise, it would help if you had PPC campaigns and other networking campaigns to reach your audience.

Other Things You Can Do To Make Your Business Website Work Smoother

Publish High-Quality Content

The first step you can take for your business website is to publish high-quality content that values visitors. It is a proven fact that quality and quantity of content matter considerably in online ranking. Companies use content marketing techniques and hire writers to ensure high-quality blog posts, website content, and sales copy.

If you want to rank higher on #1, then put some effort into the content also. Testimonials and reviews of customers also impact a lot. It will improve the beauty of your company website.

Please note that your content should be relevant and solve the query of visitors. Otherwise, your bounce rate will increase, and you will lose your maintained ranking.

Do Off-Page SEO To Establish Authority

With off-page SEO, you can get three benefits.

  1. You will establish your site as an authority.
  2. You will maintain your ranking at #1 for a long-time.
  3. Your other articles and blog posts will also get a ranking boost, whether you published them a week ago or two days ago. That is the power of SEO.

Establishing your site as an authority is crucial because Google releases an update after 3-4 months that hits those websites that are not following Google’s guidelines to rank. If you do not want your business website to get a downfall, you should also follow those guidelines.

Install Or Integrate Essential Tools To Track, Record, Or Improve Performance

Making any change or improvement to your site is impossible unless you know what is working and what’s not. For this purpose, there are several tools available that you can use. Luckily, these tools are free of cost and work excellent if appropriately used. Some essential tools are :

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • Google Pagespeed Insights
  • GT Metrix
  • Google Tag Manager

These webmasters tools can help you to:

  • Set goals for your site
  • Track the recording of traffic from different sources
  • Tracking the no. of visitors increasing or decreasing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Having a track record of the number of views on a specific page.
  • It aids in the reduction of bounce rates.
  • Fixing Crawl error
  • Indexing links getting from other sites
  • Removing the broken links
  • Several other information that will help you to improve SEO

Maintaining Your Business Website

If you want to run everything smoothly, then it is a must for you to maintain everything and ensure an error-free website. Your business website will rank 3x times faster if you work consistently, removing every error, ensure optimal user experience, and provide safe browsing. Creating a website and waiting for some magic to rank is not a good idea.

You can set a maintenance day for your business website, according to your schedule. For this purpose, if you want to hire an affordable developer to handle it for you, we offer those services based off of how big your website is. We are experienced experts, and have better knowledge about how to fix problems that can arise.

Benefits Of Having A Business Website

There are several benefits that you can achieve after putting in this much effort for your company. But before creating your website, you might be thinking about what benefits you can get after creating a professional site?

To make the statement more justified.

We have mentioned the many benefits that you can get from a website!

You Can Win Business Credibility

A simple way to showcase your business profile, success stories, and case studies is to have a website. Having an online presence will take you one step forward if your competitors are not considering it necessary. However, it will also help you improve the business credibility as people nowadays trust companies with an online reputation.

Win some reviews and testimonials online and make a home in the heart of customers.

You Can Get Clients & Generate Leads

Imagine you have ranked #1. Now what? You have unlocked a considerable potential of clients, customers, and conversions by ranking #1. There will be truckloads of clients with whom you can work and can make your company more profitable. But how can you reach this level if you do not have a website?

Hopefully, we have a clear justification!

You Can Build Relationships With Your Market

Another benefit that you can get via a business website is showing loyalty to your customers and building solid relationships with them. Several business models have the potential to sell products/services to the same customers again and again.

If you also want to build relationships with your online customers, try to identify their needs and fulfil them while still earning a profit. On the other hand, this relationship will also enable you to introduce your business, describe your goals, and let others know about who you are.

Showcase Your Success Stories

Having a company website is essential to showcase everything you want. If you are selling products and services, publishing and listing them on your site is an excellent way of engagement.

Moreover, if you make some projects successful with your service or people benefit from your product, why not showcase their testimonials.

According to surveys, customers trust those brands more who have some success stories and provide benefits relative to those whose only aim is to sell, sell, and sell!

For example, if you are providing digital marketing or content writing services. Then showcasing their successful case study on your blog section is something that will attract hundreds of customers.

Your Business Is Open 24/7 With A Company Website

The best thing that we love about having a website is that you can do your business 24/7 without even working 24 hours a day. How? It is possible because you don’t have to answer the query as you do in a physical or offline business.

There are several technologies available nowadays, such as manychat and other auto-bot features that you can use to answer the basic queries of your customers. You can sell your products and services from anywhere in the world while sleeping, eating, hanging out with friends.

Can you imagine how much potential you are going to experience by having a website?


Creating a website is not as challenging as it looks. You can set up your website in only 30 minutes using WordPress or any other CMS software. However, web designing, making your website look professional and SEO will take some time. But, once you set up your business website, several benefits are waiting for your company to increase your potential and improve sales.

Reach out to WNY Web Development if you would like us to build a business website for you or help you with certain aspects of your. We will be happy to assist. After all, our business is to help your business achieve success.

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