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WNY Web Development is an affordable web development company Located in Lockport, N.Y. . Specializing in website design, SEO, content management, social media marketing, website security, VPS hosting installs and maintenance.

While most web development companies won't touch a project under a certain price, I live in the real world. I understand that the reality is most small business owners can't afford to invest the $10,000 plus it can take to build that strategy based, client generating website that will grow their business.

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Website design pricing plans that are perfect for startup businesses.

Need An Affordable Website Or Redesign?

Your website is a business investment!

Being a full service web development company, WNY Web Development has the expert knowledge, experience and solutions required to properly create a professional looking, highly successful website for your business. It's not only important that your website's content be eye appealing to your audience, but your business website needs to be optimized for speed and fast loading as well. The result? Lower bounce rates and higher conversions.

When developing websites for clients it's not just about the web design itself. As a web developer I keep other aspects in mind, such as SEO, content, security, how well the website responds on other devices as well as the different web browsers available. Mobile responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility are huge factors to take into consideration when building an online marketing site for your brand or service. What looks good on your computer might not look as good on your phone, and the same with browsers.

Some call it being meticulous. I call it great customer service!

Something that I learned as a web designer was that first impressions matter. Less than 15 seconds is all you have to capture someones attention. You don't want your website looking like your kid or family member designed you a cheap website. The longer someone spends on your website the better your SEO rating. Team up with WNY Web Development and design the best website you can imagine! That investment is the face of your business!

Become the envy of your competitors!

Darrin Holtz
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Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Darrin Holtz and I’m the proud owner of WNY Web Development.

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"Just because your business has a small budget and you can't afford to pay thousands of dollars for a professional website doesn't mean you can't have a website."

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