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Creative Content Marketing Strategies: 8 Inspiring Examples

Remember those zoo animal-themed cardboard books with interactive elements where you could “pet” the animals?

I’m not claiming that we still have the attention span of children as a society…

However, capturing and maintaining an audience’s interest on the internet is like trying to keep a child’s attention. It necessitates innovative approaches to both expressing a point and delivering it in a way that keeps a reader’s attention long enough for the message to sink in.

We’ll look at what creative content marketing is and how you may get motivated to make your own in this article.

What is the definition of creative content marketing?

Content marketing is whatever you develop and share to enlighten, educate, or entertain your audience, starting from the bottom. Anything from a press release to a TikTok video qualifies. Because all creative marketing content seeks to accomplish is transmit an idea, there are minimal restrictions on what it can be.

Your business’s boundaries, on the other hand, should incorporate how your audience chooses to consume material.

Do they have a visual learning style? Do you want to be more engaged by using interactive elements? Do you enjoy a good pull quote now and then to help you understand the important points? Knowing these details will help you decide how to effectively use this list to maximize the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

Content marketing production is critical for attracting customers, increasing brand awareness, and boosting marketing ROI. Customers want to learn more about the brands they buy from, and quality content marketing is a wonderful method to achieve just that.

Coming up with new ways to attract and keep clients is a difficult task in and of itself.

1. Use of social media in content marketing

By no means is social media a new medium. With the platform Six Degrees, people have been interacting through an online forum to share ideas, experiences, and life updates since at least 1997.

Getting innovative on social networks is a necessity, either because of this fact or because of the shift in how we consume media. Brands have come a long way in terms of keeping relevant to social trends and devising new strategies. Brands have faced unique obstacles in establishing themselves as industry leaders in recent years, particularly on social media, where many audiences spend their leisure time.

The ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s’ support for the Black Lives Matter movement is a standout from 2020. While they have continued to express their support for the movement, they have taken a strong stand against white supremacy in a way that few other businesses have.

Ben and Jerry's Creative Content Marketing Campaign

While not every social media post needs to be as pointed as this one, Ben & Jerry’s developed innovative ways to communicate their thoughts in a real way with their target audience.

2. Blogs

Long-form blog writing provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to speak directly to your readers. It exhibits your capacity to comprehend who they are and what they require in order to perform at their highest level.

A blog post can help you with your content marketing plan while also connecting with your followers.

Well&Good is one such example. Their target audience is primarily post-graduate women in their forties and fifties who are interested in current affairs, relationship advice, wellbeing, and the latest wellness goods. As a result, they’ve built a well-informed blog on all of these issues, complete with engaging material, interactive sponsors, and an appealing minimalist style.

Well and Good Content Marketing Blog

There are many entertaining, different ways to keep your visitors engaged while they read your blog content. Here are some things to include, while being careful not to distract your readers:

  • Take a quote.
  • Listicles.
  • Infographics.
  • Surveys.
  • Linking.
  • Posts on social media
  • Shows on slides.
  • Reading material that is highly recommended.
  • Section for comments.
  • Statistics.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it may encourage you to add more aspects to your blog in order to make it more interactive. Well&Good uses a variety of techniques to keep its viewers interested, including listicles, photos, and videos.

3. Landing Pages

When someone clicks on your ad or comes across your company while doing research online, they’ll most likely end up on a landing page. It’s a webpage that will be their first impression of your company, therefore it needs to grab their interest right away.

There are more landing pages on the internet than I care to count, but Alison Felix’s new brand, Saysh, caught my eye. Soft tones, people of color, and attractive shoes for both athletic performance and relaxation may be found when you visit the website.

The track and field athlete established a brand that actually spoke to these issues with a style that highlighted her personality after a long few years of social challenges.

Your landing page should reflect both your brand and the story you wish to tell with your products.

4. Electronic books

In the digital age, creating an eBook is an appealing approach to connect with your audience’s requirements. An eBook is a terrific way to communicate your company’s expertise, especially with the surge in mobile book download apps and purchases. They can provide you credibility by exhibiting your depth of industry expertise and insights.

Freshwork’s eBook on “The Art of Customer Experience” is interactive, entertaining, and encourages readers to act. It’s a terrific illustration of the creative license you can have when working on instructional products like eBooks.

creative eBook ideas:

  • Speaking to a gap in the business that you’ve seen has never been addressed. 
  • Updates on seasonal resources.
  • Throughout the document, include knowledge check-ins.
  • A visual tale.

Many businesses use eBooks to expand their email lists by including a contact form on the page before downloading.

5. White Papers

Do you want to be known as a true authority in the field of research? Write a white paper on a topic that is relevant to your industry. Its purpose is to enlighten, and it appears to be both formal and creative.

It’s a type of captivating content marketing creation that takes a deep dive into facts that your audience should be aware of.

In their content marketing article on ‘5 measures to alleviate your small business of payroll stress,’ ADP, a leader in payroll software, provides an excellent example.

ADP 5 steps to rid your small business of payroll stress

They designed an eye-catching content marketing white paper that tells their company’s story and conveys crucial information to their target audience. They employed vibrant colors and backed up their white paper with important facts and figures.

ADP showing statistics and findings in their content marketing white papers

Your white paper is an excellent opportunity to use statistics, graphs, and expert quotes to show your audience that your organization can be trusted to provide the most up-to-date and accurate industry information.

6. Text Messages

SMS, or short message service, is an excellent way to communicate with your customers. They’re excellent ways for salespeople to stay in touch with clients after they’ve signed up for an event.

They can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Demonstrations for sales.
  • Reminders for appointments.
  • Reminders about upcoming webinars.
  • Greetings messages
  • Updates on the community.
  • Reminders for billing.
  • Codes for security.
  • Updates on the situation.
  • Promotions.
  • Updates on the event.

When customers fill out a contact form, they may be given the choice to sign up for email, phone call, or SMS reminders. There are several laws that businesses must follow in order to keep their operations safe and their customers informed.

Here’s an example of content marketing campaigns from top restaurants inviting others to order from them. Some include an eye-catching image and presented themselves personally to you.

Top Restaurants Using SMS for Content Marketing

To encourage the recipient to participate, SMS content marketing should be brief and to the point, but engaging to read and look at. The purpose of an SMS content marketing campaign is to be timely and relevant in order to capture the reader’s attention. SMS is a rapid message that needs to be timely, whether it’s after they’ve placed an order on your website or the revolution is about to begin.

7. Podcasts

The way consumers consume information and learn about new topics has changed thanks to audio content marketing. While anyone may start a podcast, a content marketer has the unique opportunity to speak about their area of expertise and address things that are relevant to them. Audiences receive a behind-the-scenes peek at their favorite companies from the people who run them.

The New York Times (NYT) is an excellent example of a company that uses current technologies to stay relevant. As the popularity of newspapers has dwindled, the New York Times has turned to podcasts. Every day for around 30 minutes each episode, of The Daily, you may hear from reporters directly on the most topical topics in their podcast.

Almost any industry might profit from a podcast content marketing campaign. From former US President Barack Obama to former celebrities like Dax Shepard, everyone has a podcast to express their thoughts, news, passion projects, and more.

8. Video

Visual content marketing is becoming more popular. Businesses have employed it in their display ads, and commercials have continued to push the envelope. They have a strong ability to visually attract consumers, positively position your company, and successfully promote a new product or service.

The Best a Man Can Be: Gillette was a standout commercial from 2019.

It was a direct response to the #MeToo movement, which had enlightened the debate that year. Gillette, like Ben & Jerry’s, took a firm stand on the issue and positioned themselves as a leader in the fight against toxic masculinity among men’s companies.

Video has the ability to visually inform while also artistically telling your brand’s story.

Why is it necessary for your content marketing to be innovative?

In today’s digital environment, the pressure to stand out is greater than ever. Every day, more businesses are launched than ever before, and the need to attract quality audiences has never been greater.

By incorporating content marketing into your B2B marketing plan, you may engage your audience while also generating revenue.

Content marketing boosts your internet visibility by 55% and creates five times the number of leads. You can generate instructive material that your audience enjoys instead of pursuing outbound sales methods like cold calling or direct mail. You’ll see more sales and brand advocates if your readers are thrilled by the fantastic material you provide and the things you sell.

The easiest way to do this is to be inventive, especially if you don’t want to waste your marketing expenditures by shouting into the abyss.

Members of your audience want to engage with your company in authentic ways that show you care about what they need and how they prefer to communicate. Getting innovative with how you connect with them will help you improve your customer lifecycle and attract new ones.

How to Come Up With New Content Marketing Concepts

One of the biggest issues facing B2B marketers today is coming up with new content marketing strategies that have never been done before. The easiest method to do so is to use the data that your consumers provide.

Your readers aren’t all the same, and neither should your content marketing strategy.

When you have a variety of buyers, you may develop a variety of content marketing techniques to cater to their needs. Take note of how people evolve and interact with your firm, and adjust accordingly.

Take chances that will catch your clients’ attention. That could mean taking a stand on an important social issue, as Gillette did, or establishing a podcast, like the New York Times did, to give your brand a more personal voice. Collecting data will provide you with a framework for excellent ideas, but being creative requires you to take a risk, observe how it goes, and tweak for better results.

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