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Disclaimer: Please note the Pabbly links below are affiliate links and I will earn a small commission if you purchase through those links. I use all of these products listed below and recommend them because they are a company that I have found helpful, trustworthy and to have outstanding products. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything listed below.

Pabbly, also known as Pabbly Subscriptions, is a powerful automated marketing and sales software suite that is growing in popularity everyday.

History Of Pabbly

The Start Of Magnet Brains Technology

In January, 2011 Pankaj Agarwal and Neeraj Agarwal founded Magnet Brains Technology Pvt. Ltd. in Bhopal, India. It wasn’t until mid 2011 when Magnet Brains Technology finally built their first WordPress Theme ‘Colorway’. Colorway was launched on Magnet Brains Technology’s online WordPress Theme Store called InkThemes. The charts on WordPress.org website showed that the theme had rapid and continuous growth within the first 12 months of it’s release. Thousands of websites started using Colorway and the growth continued day by day.

Colorway WordPress Theme

The staff at Magnet Brains were feeling good about the success they had from all the hard work they had put into Colorway and were motivated to keep the success going. They decided that feedback was vital!  That was what lead them to the understanding of the problems that people were having using the theme. People wanted to add forms to their websites.

FormGet – Magnet Brains Second Successful Project

FormGet was born. FormGet is a form-builder software that allows you to create your own forms or use previously built form templates that came built into the form-builder software. Once FormGet was launched, a lot of website owners started using it as their form-builder.

FormGet Website

In the midst of promoting FormGet, Magnet Brains Technology realized the need for a Email Marketing Service. At the time Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) seemed to be the best option as it was the most secure and cost efficient source to send emails. Plus the fact that no other form-builder on the market provided an option to connect to Amazon SES.

Amazon Simple Email Service

Magnet Brains Technology’s One-Of-A-Kind Email Marketing Application MailGet

Magnet Brains Technology decided that seeing they had such a unique form-builder, they had to “strike the iron while it was hot!”. In 2014 Magnet Brains Technology developed a SaaS-based software MailGet which was a Email Marketing Application.

MailGet Website

Now that the majority of website owners were using MailGet they starting asking Magnet Brains Technology to simplify things for them because it was difficult for most users to configure Amazon SES with MailGet. So, Magnet Brains Technology decided they would rather give users the option to send direct emails rather than having to connect to an email platform to send emails.

MailGet Bolt – Magnet Brains SMTP Delivery Engine

In 2016 Magnet Brains Technology created MailGet Bolt which had it’s own SMTP delivery engine. As subscribers grew into the thousands Magnet Brains Technology found the task to handle the billing/subscription details to much.

MailGet Bolt

Pabbly Is Developed

In 2018 Pabbly  was Magnet Brains Technology’s savior. Pabbly was designed with one purpose in mind – to help everyone meet their billing and subscription needs on one platform rather than multiple and different software.

Integrated with it’s predecessors (FormGet, MailGet and MailGet Bolt) into what is known today as Pabbly.

Pabbly is a sales and marketing platform. If you have a product or service that you are trying to sell Pabbly is what you want to have.

Magnet Brains Technology uses Pabbly in house for their own needs as well. So if you have bought anything from them in the past couple years or going to in the future they use the Pabbly software to market and sell their products. Magnet Brains Technology actually believes in their own products and that should speak for itself.

Recently Magnet Brains Technology did a community launch for Pabbly and in just a matter of one month they were able to generate half a million dollars in revenue. They were able to handle all the sales with all the tools within the Pabbly platform.

That is the reason I want to tell you how it can increase your sales and marketing. Along with how you can use the Pabbly eco system to promote and grow your business.

Pabbly is comprised of multiple tools: Click on the links below to be taken to any of the 5 various software platforms that make up the Pabbly Subscriptions Suite. Detailed in-depth presentation, product overview and pricing along with frequently asked questions.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing software – MailGet Bolt was merged with MailGet and became Pabbly Email Marketing Service. You can send automatic emails, run your email campaigns, collect lead-magnet email addresses to build your email list, broadcasts or any kind of emails that you want to send to your audience.

You can instantly create a product page or plans and start to share the link to where people can purchase your product or service easily, in just a matter of a few minutes. Once those emails are sent you can actually start to collect payment for your products or services with the help of the Billing software. Allows you to connect any external SMTP service provider so that you can get the best possible open rate when you are trying to send your emails.

2. Pabbly Subscription Billing software – for selling, tools to generate commissions, add more affiliates which in turn can help you sell more of your product or services.

3. Pabbly Form Builder software – FormGet is now Pabbly Form Builder used to create and generate leads. Lets say your collecting leads from somewhere. You can be generating leads from Facebook ads. You might be running some kind of Facebook Group or you might be doing marketing at 10 different places. If you want to collect leads, you can generate a form onto the website in a matter of 10 seconds.

Once that form is generated you can share your form link among your audience to generate as many leads as you want. Once those leads are generated you can start sending emails to the Email Marketing suite. Create dynamic forms or logical forms and collect payment forms.

4. Pabbly Email Verification software – Verification module so you can verify your leads that are coming into the platform. Email Verification is very important because if you are collecting leads from multiple places the Email Verification tool allows you to make sure your leads are correct and valid. In return that enhances your reputation when you are trying to send emails to your audiences.

5. Pabbly Connect software – An automated software to help bind multiple applications. Let Pabbly Connect do all the heavy lifting on your website. Grab data from one application and either store it in Pabbly software or push it to another application such as your CRM using the Pabbly automation software. If you want to send data to Google Sheets, you can instantly send data across to Google Sheets. Works with between 500-700 applications.

Pabbly is one tool that you need to do your marketing and sales right. Once you start to use it you will be amazed by the sales and marketing things you will be able to do.

Pabbly Has Outstanding Support

Should any problems arise while using Pabbly, their customer support team is prompt at returning concerns in a timely fashion. Usually within 12 hours you will hear back from their support team.

They provide many well explained, detailed and updated videos in their library on their Pabbly YouTube channel should you get stuck on how to do something.

Pabbly YouTube Channel

They also offer a well detailed and explained Getting Started Guide for website owners that aren’t tech savvy.

Pabbly Starter Guide

Summing It Up

Magnet Brains Technology has a great reputation with their products. Pabbly is very cost efficient compared to other platforms. I feel Pabbly is second to none. You are giving 5 great Subscription software to help with your businesses marketing and sales. You don’t have to buy all 5, you can subscribe to what you need for your business. If you decide to go with every platform there is Pabbly Plus that will save you a considerable amount of money. There are 4 tiers. Prices for this plan range from $13/month – $79/month depending on how far in advance you purchase and the tier that will fit your needs.

Feel free to leave your comments and opinions below. Do your research, read reviews and save your business money and time with this great automation software.


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