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Being a business owner, I’m sure you’ve learned a whole new vocabulary since the start of your business. If your business includes a website then you’ve heard the term VPS most likely.

For those that don’t know. VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server“.

Think of a VPS as renting a condominium. You have your own dedicated parking, washing facilities, utilities, and living space. You don’t have to share with any of the other tenants.

That’s exactly what a VPS is. You rent a dedicated space from a server that is all yours to do what you want. You can install your own security if you choose too. Customize it the way you want for your website business needs.

There are two types of VPS’s. Managed and self-managed.

The Managed Type Of VPS

A managed vps is one that you usually get from a hosting provider such as Bluehost or Godaddy. For the cheapest VPS it is roughly $30 a month and that’s only for the server! Security or “protection” as the hosting companies call it is an up sell for hosting companies. It would need a firewall, SSL Certificate, Ddos and a virus/maleware protector. Now we are talking an additional $100/month or more. Then you have to pay them a fee of another $100 to configure the server. That’s insane!

Their servers don’t even have the most updated versions. They lag behind about 1-2 years before they decide to update.

The cost is around $200/month before taxes.

Mind you that all the add-ons are free open source products. That’s all profit that is going to the hosting companies.

Now let’s talk about self-managed Virtual Private Servers.

Hosting On A Self-Managed Server

As a web developer I use self-manged VPS’s through Vultr or Digital Ocean. Most clients and myself included can usually get away with the $5/month server. Then I install the server and security which is free open source software.

You of course have to know what your doing to get away with paying $5/month for the self-managed. An option would be to hire a developer to set one up for you. The cost would be in the neighborhood of $500 depending on your website needs. All the latest software versions would be up to date as well.

It would be well worth it as well as pay for itself in a matter of a few months!

When You Sum All It Up

So weighing the pro’s and con’s of a manged or self managed VPS, self-managed wins out big time! There is no debate. It’s:

  • Cost Efficient
  • You Have Total Control Over The Server
  • Increased Security
  • Better Option For Businesses
  • Greater Flexibility

Find yourself a web developer that you can trust. Get your own VPS Self-managed server up and running to help cut your business costs. Why give all that profit to the large companies?

If the thought of maintaining the server scares you. Most web developers usually have monthly affordable maintenance plans. Included would be updating the server software as needed. And fix any compatibility issues that rise.

Now it’s time to hear from you. I want to know if you are going to put this money saver into place on your own website. Have thoughts and suggestions that you think other viewers might like also? If so put it in the comments below. As always if you have any questions leave them there too. I will answer all that I can.

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